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see you at home make sad songs from their bedrooms.

josh wilson, arthur duncan, charlie wilson

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CRT new!
be happy
the future’s here & it’s terrible
everything is okay

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mixtape (vol. I)
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my teeth feel like static,
it’s drowning out my senses.
give me back my taste,
my old face.

my head is a heavy fog,
i can’t see past my arms.
it’s engulfing me,
it’s kidnapped memories.

my hands they
won’t stay still.
there’s a storm
inside my nerves.
pulsing through,
possessing me.

my frame is no longer mine

so what do i do,
when i can’t feel hope.
when i can’t keep up
to you and your pace.

my brain is unsteady,
my dreams are
close to death,
and i know i did this,
i’m my own enemy.

so tell me please
how to cope
there’s a dark inside my soul.
spreading through,
infecting me

my frame is no longer mine
my frame is no longer mine


released July 2, 2021
jw / ad / cw

mastered by Space Magnetic Studio
contact them at: space-magnetic.com

art by India Wilson
contact them at: @indiawilsn